BNI Exeter is well worth a visit if you are serious about networking

There are many networking hubs in Devon, but it’s hard to beat BNI Exeter. Of course it has the same successful structure as all BNI groups internationally, but it’s also a great bunch of people committed to helping each other succeed.

I am not going to lie to you, getting up at 6am to attend at business breakfast at 6:45 was a huge deal breaker for me, so why did I agree to visit let alone join? After a number of Lockdown networking disappointments I had given up on the idea of increasing my business through meeting people locally, but then people kept inviting me to BNI Exeter aka BNI City Wall – Exeter.

I had first experienced Business Networking International (BNI) in Lockdown when a client had invited me to visit an Edinburgh online. I found the experience really slick and impressive, but I put the experience on the shelf with the thought I may join a group in Devon one day.

“We are looking for someone to fill the copywriting seat, perhaps that could be you,” was the invitation I heard over and over again from my LinkedIn colleagues in the South West.

So I decided to get up early one Wednesday morning and head over the Hampton Hotel by the airport. Half awake I was greeted by a really friendly bunch of people who immediately set me at ease. Apart from the fact that I knew I had to give a 60 second presentation on my business…

How could I do my business, Countdown Creative Ltd justice in one minute? I shouldn’t have worried, it actually turned out to be fun, and if it wasn’t perfect I have learnt so much about presentation skills from the process of lifelong learning that BNI embraces. Since then I have stretched it to 10 minutes and my confidence has grown immensely.

Why choose BNI Exeter? It’s a game changer!

This is networking that just works. It is highly structured with an app that measures the chapter’s progress including quantifying in pounds and pence the amount of business brought in each month. You can also interact with other BNI members both in the BNI City Wall – Exeter as well as internationally.

BNI is based on the concept of Giver’s Gain, which I was highly impressed with, the idea that “If I help you, you will want to help me,” or “what goes around comes around.”

I am pleased to be able to meet around two dozen people, each week, individually representing their own discipline but I also to have the opportunity to be part of ‘a power team’. In my case a team of fellow creatives that can act as a mini agency, with everything from web design to social media training and management, brand development etc to my speciality of copywriting or long form written content creation.

If you are serious about networking I’d encourage you to visit BNI Exeter. I have found it to be a game changer for my business. No longer do I work alone from home but I have taken offices at Exeter Business Park and each week I get to rub shoulders with a highly motivated and enthusiastic group of people that challenge and inspire me. Click to watch the video below.

Visit BNI City Wall – Exeter

Please email me at if you would like to come and visit. You will soon learn the lingo, discover the importance of having 1:1s and see how referrals can boost your business. I have already recovered my initial investment. Plus it’s really encouraging to receive testimonials from my BNI Exeter colleagues. A bit of recognition can go a long way in building your business.

Now that it’s winter and the challenge to get up early is compounded by travelling in the dark, it would be much easier to stay in bed, but I haven’t missed a meeting in six months. That for me as a night owl is something of a miracle. Perhaps BNI Exeter could be transformational for your business too.

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Al Gibson

The founder of Countdown Creative, Alistair Gibson is an expert communicator who has learned how to harness principles of traditional journalism with the power of today’s digital media platforms. He has lived in Devon for 15 years and worked in Plymouth and Exeter.

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