£75 Introductory offer

Get your company profile on Devon Business for a one-off set-up fee of just £75. This includes an interview with a photo-journalist and the creation of a 500-word company profile. This will take the form of a SEO-optimised blog post on devonbusiness.news capturing the most important keywords about your business and answering questions people are asking.

Your profile can include an overview of your company, a short bio of your business leader, and suitable endorsement quotes. Plus photos and an embedded YouTube video. We will register you as a user and you will have full access to update your profile at any time. Your profile will be SEO-optimised and carry backlinks to your website and social platforms. You can also use your business profile elsewhere.

Add ons

  • £50 for an additional blog post on Devon Business about a particular service you offer or a particular news update. This will also carry appropriate SEO-optimisation.
  • + £50 for the content to be reworked into a media release and submitted via email to local media. You may never have considered using PR to increase your company’s standing in the marketplace. However, this can be an effective way of getting your message across. In our experience, newspapers/ magazines and websites are always looking for content and will publish material that makes their job easy.
  • + £50 for photographs taken on the premises to promote the business. We can arrange to take appropriate pics during a face-to-face interview or alternatively provide suitable stock photography..
  • + £50 We can share your company profile across our social media platforms and business groups twice a week for a month with one boosted post a week. (Boosted posts cost £10 each over five days).

Please call Al Gibson on 077 2617 5683 if you would like to take advantage of this offer.

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